Blog Hop Wednesday!

It's that time again. Eileen Hull's Scoreboard designs are getting rave reviews all over the designer community. The ability to cut mat board makes them unique and gives your projects an unprecedented sturdiness.
Just in time for the holidays and the busy family on the go, this project will keep you a little more organized. There are slots for up to four message centers. I know we all have our electronic reminders, but this keeps things a little more personal. They are also perfect for leaving little I-love-you notes!
I used the notepad die and cut four notepads. I assembled each one using red liner tape and then put the four together to create the box. I cut another rectangle to fit the base of the box and attached it with Beacon 3-in-1 adhesive.
The box was sprayed with Krylon Ivy Leaf paint just to make sure all edges were colored. I used Bohemia paper to cover all the surfaces and make the belly band. Scrap paper was cut to fit and stamped for the note pages. Trims and metal holders were added all around for the names.
Add a flower-topped RSVP pen and you're set.
Go to to link into the blog hop and see some other great projects!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Now, go hug someone you love and tell them how thankful you are for them!


Eileen Hull said…
Wow Candice- you have outdone yourself! Sooo cool.
Candice, You are such a great designer! What a creative idea, to put four together and make a little container!
Ann Butler said…
WOW! Candice you really took this to the next level, love how you design!
Brenda Pinnick said…
OMG! Candice...this is fantastic. WOW!!!
Way to think outside of the making a making it a box!
Korie said…
I am totally going to copy this idea once I can get my hands on the die.
Candice - this is drop dead beautiful - You are a winner.......
KarenB said…
Wow! Just . . . wow! This is amazing, Candice. I love the way you think.
Candice Windham said…
Thanks for such nice comments, everyone. I finally got all my prep done and my cleaning done for tomorrow, so now I'm about have a little R&R and do the blog hop. Sounds like the words to a '50s song...

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