Has it really been.....

...46 days since my last post? AARRGGHH!! I'm totally useless!

Since then I have:
1. Finally retired - for the second time- from my job at MLGW.I managed to get their museum updated before I left, which was a necessity. I created it for the 60th anniversary in 1999 and updated it for the 70th in 2009. If you are ever in beautiful downtown Memphis, go by and check it out at the MLGW offices at 220 S. Main.

2. Spent a weekend at European Papers' Artiscape in Columbus, Ohio, where I met some cool ladies and saw some awesome Rugby players in really unusual outfits.

3. Cleaned my office from top to bottom and
discovered some things I thought I had lost. Also discovered that I have more than 1,000 CDs of files archived from my Mac. Do you think I should check everyone or just turn them into a craft project?

I promise to post more often and include some cool tutorials involving painting, stamping and paper arts techniques.

The image here is a preview from our new Girly Girls CD at RockCandy StudiosTM. This image is actually a sepia tone. I have no clue why it appears in this gorgeous blue color, except that it is very close to one of the RockCandy Studios signature colors. We premiered two CDs at Artiscape, Manly Men and Girly Girls. These two, along with additional subjects, will be available on our website after May 1. Check us out at www.rockcandystudios.com. All images were scanned at 300 dpi and cracks and scratch marks removed as much as possible. Of course, if you want to distress the images, that's up to you. We just wanted you to have the best. There are 130 images on each of these CDs, and 90 percent are exclusive to RockCandy StudiosTM, thanks to our good friend Laurie Williams who volunteered her family photo stash to us. I have to tell you, that was one picture-taking family. You'll see more of her group on future CDs.

Have a great Sunday. It's a gorgeous day here in Tennessee, where birds are singing and the Azalea's and Iris are competing for serious attention.

Go hug someone you love.


Dianne Q Adams said…
You've been a busy woman! Congrats on retirement and the opportunity for more art time.
Shelly Hickox said…
Oooh, that cd looks fantastic!
Anonymous said…
I cannot wait to see what you create

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