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Artistic Outpost Sale

Artistic Outpost ( is having a great sale and a preview of two new rubber sheets. Check it out!
I'm off to work at the Rivertown Gallery today in downtown Memphis and will post again later, but wanted everyone to know about the AO deals.
It's a beautiful day here in Brighton, Tennessee. Hope yours is great!

New favorite product...

I am totally in love with Beacon Adhesive's Quick Grip Permanent Adhesive. This stuff is similar to E6000 as far as holding power, but it's a less dense adhesive - great for getting glue into rough surfaces for better holding power.

Last night I was trying to finish a project that was on a rough surface - woven straw - with a curved edge. I was adhering flat floral marbles, one of the heaviest embellishments for the size that you could ever find, and I wanted them to sit right on that edge. ( Of course, I always have to make things difficult!) I adhered 20 marbles in less than 2 minutes and not one slid off the mark. I do have to admit that I tried squeezing a little out onto a scrap and trying to use a toothpick to add the glue to the marbles, but it dries so quickly that by the time I got to the third one, a film had already formed over the glue puddle. This stuff dries very rapidly. Those of you who know me know that I hate to wait, so Quick Grip is perfect for me!

I used it …

Death and Taxes and Tags, Oh,My!

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I posted (no comments from the Peanut Gallery, Roxi). Since then, my team did not win the National Championship. I attribute that to poor officials in the first half and poor playing in the last two minutes. However, I am so proud of the University of Memphis Tigers and Coach Cal. They represented themselves well and showed the nation that all the people in Memphis are not thugs or Beverly Hillbillies, contrary to reports in the media. Enough said. That's the death portion of this post.

Taxes....oh, taxes. I always say I will not procrastinate. Ha! Dropped them off at the accountant on Saturday and picked them up late yesterday with 14 minutes to spare before they had to be mailed. Small town living has its charms as well as pitfalls. The pitfalls come in when you actually have until midnight to mail something and the post office closes at 4:30, come hell or high water. Since I didn't want to drive to the bulk mail center in Memph…

One more to go....

My Tigers have one more game to win, and no, being the jinx that I am, I did not watch one second of today's game. Our son came over for dinner, and we had a nice, quiet evening. Well, a nice quiet evening until 8 p.m. when he left and I knew the game was over. It took forever to find out who won, and I didn't actually know until they interviewed Coach Cal at the halftime of the Kansas/North Carolina game. Here are the words to the U of M fight song for those who did not get a copy from me via e-mail:

Go, Tigers, go, go on to victory, be a winner, through and through;
Fight, Tigers, fight, cause we’re going all the way—
Fight, fight, for the blue and gray and say—
Let’s go, Tigers, go, go on to victory,
See our colors bright and true;
It’s fight now without a fear,
Fight now, let’s shout a cheer,
Shout for dear old Memphis U.

I expect to hear a rousing rendition Monday night from all you Tiger fans.

And since I have such willpower to not watch the game, I still have that Pazzles box al…