Monday, April 23, 2012

Road trip!

Larry and I made a quick trip to Little Rock and Morrilton, Arkansas Saturday.

In Little Rock, I was so privileged to be a part of the second Arkansas Fork & Talk get-together, put on by and sponsored by E.K. Success at Trio's Restaurant. Yummy food, great fellowship and fabulous gifts. I will be posting projects in the coming weeks made with the wonderful goodie-bag products they shared with us.

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We headed over to Morrilton, birthplace of my hubby, on the chance that we might catch relatives at home on a lovely Saturday, but no such luck. We went to the Riverview cemetery where his grandparents and other relatives are buried and met the sweetest man, Mr. Adkinson, who knew Larry's parents and all of the relatives who moved to Missouri in the late '40s. Larry spent some quality time reminiscing with this wonderful man.

If you're near the Williston Baptist Church in Williston, Tennessee this coming Sunday, stop by to receive a blessing when Sorghum Hill (Andi Nash, Phil Cox and Larry Windham) performs during the morning service. I'm looking forward to seeing relatives and hearing some beautiful original gospel music! I don't care how many times I hear Phil Cox's songs and Sorghum Hill's tight three-part harmony, it's still like the first time. I can hardly believe I married into so much talent. God has surely blessed me!

Have great day and go hug someone you love. I believe I'll hug my oh-so-talented hubby.

Friday, April 20, 2012

It's stealing...

I just saw an email from Jen Cushman, CHA Designer, about stealing on the internet. These are some great guidelines for keeping on the straight and narrow. The source was Fast Company at

1. If you don't add context, or opinion, or voice and simply lift content, it's stealing.

2. If you don't provide attribution, and a link back to the source, it's stealing.

3. If you take a large portion of the original content, it's stealing.

4. If someone asks you not to curate their material, and you don't respect that request, it's stealing.

5. Respect published rights. If images don't allow creative commons use, reach out to the image creator--don't just grab it and ask questions later.
This being said, I realized that I have been doing an injustice to some of my sources, one in particular. Using a technique that you learned from someone else is not actually listed in these rules, but it was a wake-up call for me.

When I use a technique or idea from someone else, I sometimes add a link in my text, but always add credits at the bottom of my blog. It just occurred to me that some might not read the fine print at the bottom.

With that being said, I know of one particular infraction. It was my June 6, 2011 posting for the Designer Craft Connection Blog Hop. The project used a rusty technique that I learned from Shelly Hickox. I credited her in the fine print, but not in the blog main copy.

So here's to you, Shelly! I love this technique and really appreciate you sharing it. You can see Shelly's gorgeous work at

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Tisket, a Tasket, a Little Yellow Basket

Welcome to April's Designer Crafts Connection! We're creating all things spring, and the first thing that comes to mind is Easter baskets! I made this sweet little basket using Eileen Hull's Vase Scoreboard from Sizzix, and it couldn't have been easier. Be sure to click on the Designer Crafts Connection button at left to hop to all the other blogs and see some amazing projects.

Here's what you'll need:
Sizzix Big Shot
Sizzix' Vase Die by Eileen Hull
Linen finish mat board (Crescent), 12" x 6" (You may need two pieces depending on the size of your cup)
Paper or plastic drink cup or tin can
Golden Iridescent Gold (Fine) acrylic paint
Bling, self adhesive,  from I Want 2 Scrap
Plaid 1" flat brush
Prima Flowers
Viva Décor Pearl Pens, Cream  and Yellow
Gold mesh ribbon (Offray)
Chipboard scrap, 3/4" X 11"
Green tissue paper, 12" x the height of your cup base +1"
Aleene's Tacky Glue, Tacky Dot Singles and Tacky Sheets
Gold Brads, 2
Small flower punch
Yellow paper scraps, 2, 11" long and 3/4" tall
Embellie Gellie and applicator (ScraPerfect)
EK Success Stylus, rounded-end skewer or dried up ball point pen
Foam rubber and fabric mouse pad
Westcott Brand Scissors and Cutting Mat


Trim cup to desired size.
1. Cut the paper or plastic cup to the desired height for your basket. Mine is 3" tall.

2. Die cut the mat board. Cut two if your cup is larger than 2 1/2" in diameter.

3. Brush gold acrylic paint on the linen finish side mat board. Allow to dry, then cut the vase into sections as needed to fit the outside surface. This will allow for the angled base. If you base is a straight side, such as a can, you can leave the vase sections together and just trim them to fit. Adhere vase to container using Aleene's Tacky sheets.

Add bling with Embellie Gellie.
4. If you had to adjust you sections, now is where we cover it up. Add Prima flowers all around the base using Aleene's Tacky Dot Singles. If you have a gap showing, place the flower a little higher to cover it. For the small flowers and bling, use Embellie Gellie to help you adhere them in the right spot. Punch white flowers with paper punch (see note below for adding dimension.). and adhere them to the center using Aleene's Tacky Dot Singles. Adhere self -adhesive bling to center of each flower.

1. Adhere yellow paper to both sides of chipboard strip. Attach gold mesh to handle using Aleene's Tacky Glue and allow to dry.

2. Trim handle to fit and punch holes with Cropadile in handle and basket.
Place flowers around base.

3. Add Viva Décor Cream Pearl pen to handle and Yellow and cream to basket sections. Allow to dry.

4. Attach handle with brads.

1. Fold the tissue paper sheets on the 12" side. Snip 1" into one side. Open papers and snip any additional places needed, Line the basket so that the fringed edge comes up 1" above the basket rim.

2. Fill with candy and give it to your favorite person.

Use stylus to create dimension.
Adding Dimension to Punched Paper Flowers
Place paper or lightweight cardstock flower on a mouse pad with fabric surface and rubber backing. Use the round end of a stylus, rounded wooden skewer or an old ballpoint pen that no longer works. Press down slightly in the center using a circular motion. The flower will gradually curve up. Do not use your free hand to hold the flower. It needs to move.

I can't decide who should get this little treat. Maybe I should give it to someone I love and hope they want to share!

Note: I received product from all of the manufacturers listed in this post. However, I would have used the products anyway. I only use products I would endorse whether I bought them or not.