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New Blog

I have been posting on a new blog site for a month or so, and just realized that I should have let everyone know. There are several designers posting projects, tips and general info on the site, so even if you don't like my tutorials, you might be interested in those of someone else. This doesn't mean that I won't be posting on this site, so don't forget about me here.

Check it out the new blog at

I will be posting several times a week, so come back often. Today's post (see photo) is about using up your old blurry or unwanted photos rather than chunking them in the landfill, which reminds me of a saying I heard this week: Crafters were the original recyclers." And that reminds me of another: "Adam was the original rough draft."

This thought train is going nowhere. Guess I'd better get out of here before I say something really stupid.

Go hug someone you love!