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In a blue mood

We lost two good friends this weekend.

One, Willie Burroughs, was a musician who has definitely left his imprint on the Memphis music scene. Not only was he a great musician, he instilled the musical muse in his son Tommy, who will carry on his father's legacy. Willie will be greatly missed.

The second was Amanda Conner Gray, daughter of our dear friends Jack and Kathy Conner. Amanda was a wife and mother of two children and was taken too soon. She loved animals, dressed up every Halloween ... I have the rock star pics to prove it...and was a joy to be around. I can't begin to imagine what her family is going through. She was with her mother Friday night until 11:30 or so and when she left, her last words were, "I love you, Mom." Amanda died of an aneurism sometime early Saturday morning.

Another friend lost her son last week. I didn't know him, but the photos I saw of him reminded me of my own son.

This is a reminder that we can never know when our time is up. Am …